BTT# 95 – Ten Dating Tips For 2021 & How To Avoid Train Wrecks

I’m joined tonight by a seasoned man from LA sharing his insights on dating in the modern era. We will cover the following 10 points, and talk about how to avoid making a train wreck out of life.

1. The digital transformation of the dating space – How men are getting left behind

2. The impact of the pandemic on the dating scene – How most men got screwed

3. Why text game is more critical than ever before – Why most men don’t know how to communicate

4. My experiences with dating apps and sites in 2020 – Case studies guys can learn from

5. Common mistakes guys make with texting – what to avoid

6. The key strategy of text game – How to navigate the digitized world

7. Know the rules so you’ll know how to bend and break them

8. Bridging the gap between your digital self and real self

9. The hard reality of the digital future of the dating space – A warning for men

10. Why now is the golden time to get ahead of the pack