DATING DOS & DON’TS | meeting online, touching, conversation starters, texting too much etc

*Encouragement Below* If you’re a single Christian looking for someone who shares the same values as you and puts Christ first, download Upward here:

First off, thanks for tuning in y’all! We love talking about relationships. Whether you’re dating, single, married, going through a heartbreak… it’s all important and we want to make sure you feel seen and heard where you are in your relationship walk! This one was fun! We have both made our fair share of mistakes in dating and learned a lot lol. LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES! lol

Anyways, I hope this piece of encouragement lands… It is something I have needed the past week. I needed to be reminded that no one is going to live my life for me. I’m not going to magically get rid of that sin. I’m not going to apparate (HP fans?) to the gym. I’m not going to naturally desire to make myself uncomfortable and stand up for what I believe in. No one will pay my rent for me. But that is how I was living… I wasn’t actively fighting my sin. I was just hoping temptation wasn’t that strong. I wasn’t motivating myself to workout. I was waiting for the right time, all while getting upset with my body. I wasn’t looking for people to support and serve. I was just waiting for someone in need to cross my path. But are we wanting to live this life actively or passively? Are you gonna let life happen to you? Or are you going to happen to life?

That’s all I got for today!
I don’t have a tip for you today 🙁 but on a positive note, the reason I don’t have a tip is because I am legit working on the project now! But if you read this, maybe drop me a comment so I can see who all is looking forward to the tips!

Love yall,
Chad & Tori

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