Dating mistake women make with new guys

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Dating mistake women make with new guys. Women often think they have gotten closer to a guy when they haven’t actually made any relationship progress. They think every little thing a guy does or every time they communicate anything progress is being made. That’s not true. Quality of interaction is more important than quantity or length if time you’ve know a guy. Don’t confuse movement for progress in a relationship. It’s dangerous because it makes you feel more connected to a guy than you actually are. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re more important to a guy than you are. Activity isn’t growth. Movement isn’t progress when dating. This a huge dating mistake women make with guys. Thrr wet think that low effort interactions are s sign that a guy likes them. They start giving too much to someone who doesn’t even want them. They are often surprised and devastated when the “what are we” talk leads to them realizing they’ve over invested after confusing movement for progress. Signs to tell a if a guy likes you are progress and increased connection and vulnerability. Not just dry text messages and random sexual contact or flirting.