DISPATCH: Jennie & G-Dragon are DATING

Yes, I accidentally said Jennie was 24. I do not like numbers. Nonetheless, you are free to fight me in the comments.

Today we absolutely need to talk about some news that I know will break the internet, and that is Dispatch revealing that Jennie from Blackpink and G-Dragon from BigBang are dating.

So today, on February 24th, Dispatch has reported that Jennie and G-Dragon are dating and they claim that they have been dating for about a year now. They have also claimed that the relationship was known within Yg Entertainment.

However YG has not confirmed anything as of now. In fact, YG’s response to this is that they have no response to this, as they explain in the following statement “We can’t confirm anything about our artists’ private lives. We ask for your understanding”

A lot of people have noticed the lack of response, and feel that it kind of confirms nonetheless that it’s true because YG has denied dating rumors in the past when it came to G-Dragon in particular.

Now of course, a lot of people are really surprised to learn this news, because it seems to have come out of nowhere. We’re way passed January 1st when Dispatch usually reveals couples.



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