FANS MAD at Jungkook’s APOLOGY For Dating During BREAK, He ENDS IT? Jisoo Caught KISSING in Public?

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Today I wanted to talk about #BTS or bangtan sonyeondan boys. I wanted to get into #Jungkook’s apology for what happened with him ‘dating’ and why people are still talking about this. I wanted to get into Bon Voyage and what happened there. I also wanted to get into BLACKPINK and Jisoo specifically. I wanted to talk about her kissing someone and her in her new drama SnowDrop. Let me know what you think and drop it down below.

0:00 Table of contents
0:28 Jungkook’s apology…
5:57 Looking forward to Jisoo…
8:05 what you can do next.

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