He’s ashamed of my weight | Dating as a big girl

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He won’t commit because of my weight. Why are guy’s ashamed of dating plus sized women? Do guys like plus sized women. Some people say nobody’s going to want me because I’m plus sized. Is this true? These are questions I get all the time. Heavy set and plus sized women don’t know if men will want them for many different reasons. Some men are attracted to plus sized women. Some are not. People like what they like so the guys speaking against dating plus sized women are telling their truth but not the truth. Some men care less about a woman’s size than her personality. Many big beautiful women are being lived faithfully by their man. Don’t let anyone tell you that no man is going to want you because you’re overweight. There is someone for everyone. However if you’re self esteem snd confidence is being affected do something about your weight. Don’t let being plus sized becomes your identity and make you insecure. Often times insecurity from being overweight is what’s repelling guys not just the weight. You can find love but why not try to be at you best as well. Good luck in love. It’s a struggle for all of us rather you are overweight or a fitness model. Dating is hard enough with insecurity.
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