I’m ugly and still dating the hottest girls in my school

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I put on my school uniform and glanced at myself in the mirror, even though I knew it wasn’t a pretty sight, well actually that’s a bit of an understatement. I am actually truly ugly.

When I got to school the girls all crowded around me,

“Hi, Ethan, how’s it going?”

“Hey Ethan, are we still going out this week.”

“Ethan, don’t forget you promised me a date at the weekend.”

Wonder how I still manage to date the hottest girls at school, even though I’m the ugliest boy? Stay tuned to the end of the video. Oh, yeah, and like and subscribe and make sure to hit that notification bell, won’t you?!

At lunch I sat with Amanda, she was my date for the day.

“Oh Ethan, you are so funny! I’m so lucky to be dating you today.”

“You sure are, Amanda.”

At the end of the school day I stood at the school gates and waited for Amanda to come out.

“Hey, Ethan!”

Amanda came running over to me and planted a kiss on my cheek,

“Bye, see you tomorrow!”

Then she handed me her homework,

“Make sure you write the essay in black pen, won’t you? See ya!”

I waved goodbye to her and watched as she ran off in the opposite direction.

You see, I do the girls’ homework and assignments in exchange for a date. I’ve always been really smart so it doesn’t take much effort on my part and I get to date whoever I want.

It started off small at first. I just helped out a couple of girls as a favour. But then I realised I could actually make a business out of helping people. Only instead of them paying me money, they just had to give me kisses and help me to become popular. I think it’s worth it, especially as I get the bragging rights too.

The girls came and went, I never really cared about any of them, that was until I met Lucy.

Lucy had stopped me in the corridor at school one day,

“Hey, Ethan. Do you think you could help me out with my History essay? I have to write two thousand words on the Russian Revolution and I don’t know where to start.“