Rick Wiles New Social Media Network, Priest Caught With Gay Dating App, And More | Live Podcast 162

In this podcast, we cover the following subjects:
Rick Wiles new social media network

Rick Wiles: We Must Destroy “Sissified Lefties” & Biden’s “Communist Revolution”

Pelosi and biden explaining why they’re pro choice even though theyre both catholics

Pelosi: I’m a “Devout Catholic,” But That Doesn’t “Dictate” Abortion Policy

the leader of the proud boys pleading guilty to charges against him

Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Pleads Guilty to Burning BLM Sign and Related Firearms Charge

how monsignor Jeffrey burrill, the guy who said joe biden shouldn’t be allowed to take communion, was CAUGHT WITH A GAY DATING APP ON HIS PHONE

You Should Feel Bad for the Priest Who Quit After Getting Caught Using Grindr

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