Sleezy manipulation tactic men use on women | Dating and relationship red flags 🚩 to book a call

Sleezy manipulation tactic cheating men use on women | Dating and relationship red flags

A lot of men try to manipulate women out of holding them accountable for their actions. Men often. They weaponize the idea of trust to stop a woman from expressing her concerns and grief about their infidelity and indiscretions. Don’t miss this dating and relationship red flag. Don’t make the mistake of allowing a man to manipulate you into taking mess and excepting harmful behavior without repercussions and moving forward in a healthy way with you. Healing takes a commitment from both people if a man won’t commit to healing with you after breaking your trust then he isn’t worth your forgiveness. When you man cheats on you he needs to take accountability. Not guilt you into trying to pretend you trust him or forgive him, or have gotten over it.

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