The BIG SIGNS You’re Dating a Narcissist! (Watch Out For This) | Matthew Hussey

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The term “narcissist” gets thrown around a lot nowadays. It’s an easy way to villainize someone we dated who didn’t seem to put in as much effort as we did . . . or a person who, deep down, we know we allowed to get away with being a little self-centered because we liked them so much.

But this casual use can minimize the dangers of dating a true narcissist—someone who at best will never meet our needs and at worst has the potential to dismantle our ego and our confidence because they’re viewed as a threat to the narcissist’s control.

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re dating a narcissist, this week’s video should give you clarity. In it, my brother Stephen and I give you 11 specific signs to watch out for (and some might surprise you!)

This is a meaty podcast and we go deep, so even if this doesn’t apply to your life today, having these signs in the back of your mind will likely save you from future grief.

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