TRUTH or MYTH: Turks React to Stereotypes

We got Turks to tackle the most common stereotypes. From the drama and jealousy, to the conservative dating style, to the soap opera obsession. We got these Turkish guys and girls dispelling some very common Turkish stereotypes.. and reaffirming others. Check the new video out and find out all about Turkey this week!

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Dating is not allowed
1:56 Turks drink tea and coffee all day long
3:13 Turkish men are womanizers/players
4:22 Turks are obsessed with soap operas
5:29 Turkish cuisine consists mainly of kebab
6:44 Turks get dramatic and jealous
7:39 Most annoying stereotype
8:12 What you want the world to know
8:58 Turkish singing

Alexandra Augustine (directing)
Jason Tojeiro (video)
Oleh Voitovych (editing)

Youtube channel:
Youtube channel:

Filmed in:
Toronto Canada