Viall Files Episode 286: Ask Nick – Stop Calling It Serial Dating

On today’s episode of Ask Nick we first speak with a woman who is struggling with her husband’s new jealousy when it comes to her co-workers of the opposite sex. Our second caller had a baby and her husband who originally wanted to have more than one child has since decided he would not like to have any more children. She still wants a bigger family and now doesn’t know how to handle this without either of them feeling some resentment. Third, we chat with someone who finds someone she likes on apps, the dating is great, and then as soon as it is time to define the relationship, they flake. Finally, a woman is concerned about her sister-in-law getting married to the wrong person and doesn’t know how to help open her eyes since he is basically the only guy she has ever known. 

“Stop calling it serial dating, it’s just called dating.”

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