Why you should date your male best friend | Dating mistakes women make

Why you should date your male best friend

Do you have a male best friend? Are you refusing to date him because you are too afraid to ruin the friendship? This is a common dating mistake women make. Too often women meet the perfect guy and become friends only to date others guys that aren’t interested in loving them the way their guy friend does. Too afraid of ruining the friendship with a failed relationship attempt they never explore their curiosity with their male friend. They think they are saving the relationship. They are not. Men and women friendships aren’t as solid as most women think they are. These male female best friendships are temporary at best. It’s best to explore your feelings and date your male best friend before it too late and another woman enters his life and removes you. Either way the friendship is temporary. Stop friend zoning Mr. Right

If you want to know about dating red flags you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes women wonder if a guy is serious and they make huge dating mistakes trying to secure a relationship. If you want to know if a guy likes you pay attention to these signs and other signs a guy likes you covered on this channel. So many women have a crush on a guy, so they start ignoring red flags and signs a guy doesn’t like them seriously. Please pay attractive ladies. Dating mistakes create so much damage and trauma. Looking for live is hard but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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